Laser Scar Removal

Fraxel for Scar Removal

Marks or indentations that appear on the skin after an injury, trauma or surgical procedure, scars can undermine anyone’s self confidence. A wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures have been used over the years to reduce or eliminate scars with varying degrees of success. In ancient times, men and women blended special oils and herbs to attempt to reduce scaring while their modern counterparts have largely turned to dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetiticians.

Skin resurfacing treatments have become the preferred method of dealing with scars over the last 15 years, and Fraxel has particularly strong implications for reducing or eliminating scars. Patients who want to have scars treated with Fraxel will undergo a course of treatment specifically designed by their doctors to help eliminate scars. Laser pulses are strategically applied to the scar and the area around it so that scar tissue can be killed and new, healthy cells can grow back in its place. Multiple treatments are usually needed for scar removal.